AxelKagenax Graphic Design is basically a one person Graphic Design Company. Based in Plano, TX. I currently cater to small businessess in the Dallas Metro area (of course big companies won’t be turned way). I graduated ALPHA BETA KAPPA from Westwood College School of¬†Design in December 2010. Even though I have been designing since 2002 I decided that it was time to earn a degree in Graphic Design. The knowledge I picked up in college gave me the strenght to pursue this career full time.

Kari & Geni

Like most people that I have worked with you are probably wondering how I came up with KAGENAX.

Kagenax grew out of the idea that the name had to have some kind of meaning to me. I started tinkering with the names of my three kids and one day it just sounded good. KA is for my youngest girl’s name Krissia. GEN was taken from my other daughter Genesis. AX represents my son Axel.

All three of my kids are very proud of KAGENAX even more now that they know the meaning. Which in turn makes it that more important for me to make our brand known for providing top of the line products to my clients.


About The Designer

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Cesar, Lety, Axel, Geni & Kari

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